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22 May 2017 19:00 - 21:00
Schottenbastei 10-16
1010 Wien, Austria
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Save the Date for the third Arb|Aut Forum organised jointly with the University of Vienna.

Arb|Aut and the University of Vienna organise the Arb|Aut Forum semi-annually. This event allows Arb|Aut and YAAP members to discuss current topics related to Arbitration in Austria with renowned practitioners and scholars in German language.

We are glad to announce that Günther Horvath, the current president of VIAC and Johannes Reich-Rohrwig will give keynote speeches on the topic “Party Appointed Arbitrators and the Independence of Arbitral Tribunals”.

Following the keynotes there will be sufficient time for discussions and exchange of thoughts on arbitration. The event will be followed by a drinks reception.

The event will be held in German

Date: Monday, 22 May 2017.
Location: Juridicum Dachgeschoss, Schottenbastei 10-16, 1010 Vienna.
Time: 19:00.


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  • 22 May 2017 19:00 - 21:00

List of Participants

Krzysztof NowakKrzysztof Nowak (1)
Dr. Andreas Foglar-DeinhardsteinDr. Andreas Foglar-Deinhardstein (1)
Alexander ZollnerAlexander Zollner (1)
Julia WasserburgerJulia Wasserburger (1)
Nikolaus VavrovskyNikolaus Vavrovsky (1)
Florian StefanFlorian Stefan (1)
Alexander LindnerAlexander Lindner (1)
Adam HorvathAdam Horvath (1)
Anna FörstelAnna Förstel (1)
Peter RiznikPeter Riznik (1)
Lukas WedlLukas Wedl (1)
Clarissa NitschClarissa Nitsch (1)
Manfred HeiderManfred Heider (1)
Iris KobergIris Koberg (1)
Eric BergstenEric Bergsten (1)
Prof. Dr. Christian RumpfProf. Dr. Christian Rumpf (1)
Dr. Christian AschauerDr. Christian Aschauer (1)
Markus BehamMarkus Beham (1)
Ena-Marlis BajonsEna-Marlis Bajons (1)
Nikolaus PitkowitzNikolaus Pitkowitz (1)
Florian NeumayrFlorian Neumayr (1)
Dr. Gregor SchettDr. Gregor Schett (1)
Eliane FischerEliane Fischer (1)
Marko SzucsichMarko Szucsich (1)
Dr. Moritz KellerDr. Moritz Keller (1)
Krzysztof NowakKrzysztof Nowak (1)
Pilar KoukolPilar Koukol (1)
Constanza TrofaierConstanza Trofaier (1)
Thomas ObersteinerThomas Obersteiner (1)
Bernhard KopeinigBernhard Kopeinig (1)
sterphen bornemansterphen borneman (1)
Natascha TunkelNatascha Tunkel (1)
Tobias SchaffnerTobias Schaffner (1)
Eugenia MocanuEugenia Mocanu (1)
Desiree PrantlDesiree Prantl (1)
Martin WiebeckeMartin Wiebecke (1)
Katharina BrücknerKatharina Brückner (1)
Christian KlauseggerChristian Klausegger (1)
Ingeborg EdelIngeborg Edel (1)
Nina PichlerNina Pichler (1)
Mag. Andrea PeggerMag. Andrea Pegger (1)
Alice MeissnerAlice Meissner (1)
Radschek Anna KatharinaRadschek Anna Katharina (1)
Mag. Roxanne De JesusMag. Roxanne De Jesus (1)
Konrad IwinskiKonrad Iwinski (1)
Christian InmannChristian Inmann (1)
DDr. Werner MelisDDr. Werner Melis (1)
HahnkamperHahnkamper (1)
Michael MoffattMichael Moffatt (1)
Dr. Christian EderDr. Christian Eder (1)
Mag. Markus P. FellnerMag. Markus P. Fellner (1)
Emmanuel Eugenio KaufmanEmmanuel Eugenio Kaufman (1)
Nicolas ZenzNicolas Zenz (1)
Christian Kirner Christian Kirner (1)
Kamen SirakovKamen Sirakov (1)
Anton GortonAnton Gorton (1)
Vincent VertnegVincent Vertneg (1)
Katharina PlavecKatharina Plavec (1)
Alice StockerAlice Stocker (1)
Kriebaum UrsulaKriebaum Ursula (1)