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19 Feb 2018 18:00 - 21:00
Schottenbastei 10
1010 Wien, Austria
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SAVE-THE-DATE for a presentation of the new VIAC Arbitration and Mediation Rules 2018.

Arb|Aut and the University of Vienna organise the Arb|Aut Forum semi-annually. This event allows Arb|Aut and YAAP members to discuss current topics related to Arbitration in Austria with renowned practitioners and scholars in German language.

Arb|Aut and the University of Vienna are hosting an Arb|Aut Forum devoted to a presentation and discussion of the most important new features of the VIAC Arbitration and Mediation Rules 2018. There will be ample opportunity to discuss the new Rules with the members of the VIAC Working Group. The Q&A will be followed by drinks.

Please see the program for further details. 

Date: 19 February 2018
Location: Juridicum Dachgeschoss, Schottenbastei 10-16, 1010 Vienna
Time: 6.00 p.m.


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  • 19 Feb 2018 18:00 - 21:00

List of Participants

Dr. Christoph HerbstDr. Christoph Herbst (1)
Katharina RiedlKatharina Riedl (1)
Desiree PrantlDesiree Prantl (1)
Susanne Fruhstorfer Susanne Fruhstorfer (1)
Andreas HowadtAndreas Howadt (1)
Bernhard KopeinigBernhard Kopeinig (1)
Alexander EndlAlexander Endl (1)
Mag. Markus Fellner, SCWP Schindhelm Rechtsanwälte GmbHMag. Markus Fellner, SCWP Schindhelm Rechtsanwälte GmbH (1)
Nikolaus VavrovskyNikolaus Vavrovsky (1)
Dr. Éva HorváthDr. Éva Horváth (1)
Krzysztof NowakKrzysztof Nowak (1)
Hartmut HallerHartmut Haller (1)
Marie-Christine GehmacherMarie-Christine Gehmacher (1)
Alice AnAlice An (1)
Prof. Dr.Dr.Dr. Dieter G. KindelProf. Dr.Dr.Dr. Dieter G. Kindel (1)
Alexander ZollnerAlexander Zollner (1)
Katharina BrücknerKatharina Brückner (1)
Thomas HamerlThomas Hamerl (1)
Cornelia BanerjiCornelia Banerji (1)
Sofiya SvinkovskayaSofiya Svinkovskaya (1)
Michael StimakovitsMichael Stimakovits (1)
Komm. Rat Helga BösmüllerKomm. Rat Helga Bösmüller (1)
Alice AnAlice An (1)
Dr. Susanne FruhstorferDr. Susanne Fruhstorfer (1)
Andreas HowadtAndreas Howadt (1)
Helmut OrtnerHelmut Ortner (1)
Markus BehamMarkus Beham (1)
Alexander GamzunovAlexander Gamzunov (1)
Doris KumarDoris Kumar (1)
Lothar HofmannLothar Hofmann (1)
Claudio ArturoClaudio Arturo (1)
Brian Samuel OiwohBrian Samuel Oiwoh (1)
Thomas ChristThomas Christ (1)
Iris KobergIris Koberg (1)
Dr. Wolfgang SchwackhöferDr. Wolfgang Schwackhöfer (1)
Miroslava HulvanovaMiroslava Hulvanova (1)
Dr. Stephan LenzhoferDr. Stephan Lenzhofer (1)
Teodora VranceanTeodora Vrancean (1)
Dr. Wulf Gordian HauserDr. Wulf Gordian Hauser (1)
Zaibaa ThingnaZaibaa Thingna (1)
Eliane FischerEliane Fischer (1)
Stanislava Doganova Stanislava Doganova (1)
Angelika MaderbacherAngelika Maderbacher (1)
Ingo BraunIngo Braun (1)
DDr. Werner MelisDDr. Werner Melis (1)
Patrick GöschlPatrick Göschl (1)
Ralph KilchesRalph Kilches (1)
Andreas Foglar-DeinhardsteinAndreas Foglar-Deinhardstein (1)
   Barbara Sesser Barbara Sesser (1)
Gerold ZeilerGerold Zeiler (1)
Marton LiszkaMarton Liszka (1)
Sofiya SvinkovskayaSofiya Svinkovskaya (1)
Alice StockerAlice Stocker (1)
Constanza TrofaierConstanza Trofaier (1)
Nigar AbdullayevaNigar Abdullayeva (1)
Innhwa KwonInnhwa Kwon (1)
Eugenia MocanuEugenia Mocanu (1)
Natascha TunkelNatascha Tunkel (1)
Ria KuceraRia Kucera (1)
Stéphanie CaligaraStéphanie Caligara (1)
Miranda MakoMiranda Mako (1)
Dr Wolfgang SindelarDr Wolfgang Sindelar (1)
Dr. Anton BaierDr. Anton Baier (1)
Markus BehamMarkus Beham (1)
Dr. Christian AschauerDr. Christian Aschauer (1)
Gregor GrubhoferGregor Grubhofer (1)
Dr. Florian NeumayrDr. Florian Neumayr (1)
Klaudia DoboszKlaudia Dobosz (1)
Sonja RoggeSonja Rogge (1)
Larissa-Pia WieserLarissa-Pia Wieser (1)
Rainer HerzigRainer Herzig (1)
Lukas PeisslLukas Peissl (1)
Dr. Johannes Reich-RohrwigDr. Johannes Reich-Rohrwig (1)
Anna Sophie DalingerAnna Sophie Dalinger (1)
Dominik KochollDominik Kocholl (1)
Nikolaus PitkowitzNikolaus Pitkowitz (1)
Adam HorvathAdam Horvath (1)
Daniela Karollus-BrunerDaniela Karollus-Bruner (1)
Filip BorasFilip Boras (1)
Friedrich RüfflerFriedrich Rüffler (1)
Alexandra SimottaAlexandra Simotta (1)
Sarah Boeck Sarah Boeck (1)
Marko  SzucsichMarko Szucsich (1)
Konrad IwinskiKonrad Iwinski (1)
Julius SchumannJulius Schumann (1)
Tamara ManasijevicTamara Manasijevic (1)
Dr Carsten KernDr Carsten Kern (1)