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Dear Members and Friends,

Whilst most of us are doing business as usual, “Corona” has finally gone global. The news is full of it, major events are being postponed, the ICC Asian office is working remotely and – arbitration hearings are cancelled. Are they? We want to hear that from you: Take 15 seconds to answer two simple questions at Results follow in our next newsletter.

Back to life: Tomorrow, 6 March 2020, we will have the chance to take part in a global campaign aiming to capture the diverse faces of women in law (and their male allies) across the world. Go and get your picture taken (at RAK Wien or Freshfields Vienna). All it will take is five minutes of your time and you will get a couple of free head shots out of it. See below for details.

Not to be missed: After YAAP had started into this year with another great edition of the Vienna Arbitration Days, preceded by the first Young ITA-YAAP Joint Conference (read up on these events below), our first “regular” Round Table will be held on Data Protection on 17 March 2020. Not only will we get the must-knows of how GDPR affects our practice, but this will also be our premiere in our new venue, the Art Lounge of Café Korb. Be part of it. 

We are looking forward to seeing many of you there – in good health, with elbow bumps instead of hugs, and free hand-sanitizer for everyone. 

Christian & Lisa

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UPCOMING: #FaceTheFuture – International Women’s Day - Photoshooting – Friday, 6 March 2020
On Friday, 6 March 2020 you have the chance to take part in a global campaign aiming to capture the diverse faces of women in law (and their male allies) across the world. All it will take is five minutes of your time and you will get a couple of free head shots out of it!

The invitation to take part in the #FaceTheFuture campaign extends to women who work in law, not just lawyers, and their male allies. This is an international photography day with pop-ups around the world. It is being run by Next 100 Years, the UK’s national campaign aiming to share the achievements of women in law and shape a more equal and diverse future for the profession.

The Vienna pop-ups facilitated by Freshfields, RAK Vienna, ÖRAK, Women in Law Austria and Northcote.Recht will be at:

Date: 6 March 2020
Time and Venues:
9am to 1pmRechtsanwaltskammer Wien, Rotenturmstraße 13, 1st Floor, 1010 Vienna
2pm to 4pmFreshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Seilergasse 16, 1010 Vienna

There is no need to register and there will be a glass of prosecco for you to relieve the wait, should there be one. If you wish you can fill out the release form in advance at

The portraits will be sent to you and will also be used by the Next 100 Years to create a digital gallery and physical exhibition showing just how diverse our profession is. In Austria the photos will be displayed on the Women in Law Austria website.

We would encourage women who work in law, not just lawyers, and their male allies to mark this day with a photograph!

UPCOMING: COLUMBIA ARBITRATION DAY (CAD), Columbia Law School – 6 March 2020
Columbia Arbitration Day (CAD), the Columbia International Arbitration Association's (CIAA) largest annual event, is a premier international arbitration and CLE-accredited conference, bringing together scholars, practitioners, and students from all over the world for an annual discussion on the challenges that drive the international arbitration community. CAD 2020 will be an all-day event under the theme “Breaking New Ground in International Arbitration.”. The keynote address will be held by the Honorable Judge Joan Donoghue of the International Court of Justice. We are proud to be a supporting organization.

Date: 6 March 2020
Venue: Columbia International Arbitration Association, Columbia Law School, Jerome L. Greene Hall, 435 West 116th Street New York, NY 10027
Costs: There is one free ticket reserved for YAAP to be allocated on a first come first served basis. Reduced rate for YAAP-members.
Registration: Please register here.

UPCOMING: YAAP Round Table 17 March 2020: GDPR and Arbitration – What you really need to know!
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has put data protection in the EU on a new footing and introduced considerable financial sanctions for the processing and transferring of personal data without a lawful basis. Gernot Fritz, Matthias Hofer and Désirée Prantl (Freshfields) – will discuss the GDPR’s impact on international arbitration and highlight compliance requirements as well as suggest measures to be implemented at the different stages of an arbitration proceeding (also considering the article “Fritz/Prantl/Leinwather/Hofer, Datenschutz in internationalen Schiedsverfahren, SchiedsVZ 2019/6, 301-309”). Spoiler alert: The GDPR does not impose obligations on the arbitration itself but rather on the individual arbitral participants – this may be any one of us!

Date: 17 March 2020
! NEW ! Venue: Café Korb, Brandstätte 9, 1010 Vienna

As always, no need to register, we look forward to seeing you there!

UPCOMING: GAR live Moscow – 19 March 2020
This year the GAR Live VII Annual RAA Conference will be held for the 2nd time in Moscow, on Thursday, 19th of March 2020 at the InterContinental. The event will be chaired by Dimitry Dyakin and Steven Finizio. It will feature a keynote delivered by Prof. Mikhail Galperin, and top notch panels on “Future of International Arbitration”, “Arbitration in Russia”, “AI in IA (Artificial Intelligence in International Arbitration – myth or reality)”. We are proud to be a supporting organization.
Date: 19 March 2020
Venue: InterContinental, Tverskaya Street 22, Moscow, Russia 125009
Costs: Reduced rates for YAAP-members
Registration: Please register here.

SAVE THE DATE: ICC YAF-YAAP- Conference – Young Approaches to Arbitration, 4 April 2020
Mark your calendars for the traditional YAAP-Vis Moot event: Building on the success of their partnership, the Young Austrian Arbitration Practitioners (YAAP) and the ICC Young Arbitrators Forum (ICC YAF) are organizing their 12th joint annual conference to take place just after the kick-off of the moot competition in Vienna.
Topics will include “Settlement in Arbitration: Form, Content and Limits” as well as “Challenges for Arbitration – Where do we stand and what does the future hold?”. More details to follow soon.

SAVE THE DATE: YAAP Round Table 20 April 2020 – White-Collar Crime & Arbitration 
Oliver Loksa (Hausmaninger Kletter) and Laura Nienaber (White & Case) will analyse several aspects of how white-collar crime impacts our arbitration practice. How should parties and arbitrators react in view of criminal accusations, parallel criminal proceedings or criminal judgements? And: What is the purpose of internal investigations? Will any findings obtained in the course of an internal investigation be admissible as evidence in an ensuing arbitration? 

Date: 20 April 2020
! NEW ! Venue: Café Korb, Brandstätte 9, 1010 Vienna

As always, no need to register, we look forward to seeing you there!

SAVE THE DATE: YAAP Round Table 13 May 2020 – Intellectual Property Arbitration
Daniel Courtney (Hookipa Pharma) and Alexander Zojer ( will deal with issues arising when intellectual property meets international arbitration by following the (fictitious) path of a (fictitious) idea from its emergence to its protection, exploitation and subsequent role at the center of a dispute decided in arbitration proceedings. The presentation will address general issues such as arbitrability of IP disputes, confidentiality/secrecy or grounds for annulment, and take the occasional detour to more specific topics such as FRAND and recent developments in the Unified Patent Court saga.

Date: 13 May 2020
! NEW ! Venue: Café Korb, Brandstätte 9, 1010 Vienna

As always, no need to register, we look forward to seeing you there!

SAVE THE DATE: Global Conference of the Co-Chairs'Circle, 5/6 June 2020
The Fourth Global Conference of the Co-Chairs’ Circle will be hosted by CEPANI40 on 5th and 6th of June 2020 in Brussels! Conference topic: Legitimacy in and of Arbitration. Full programme and registration details.

Date: 5-6 June 2020, 9 am to 6 pm
Venue: FEB-VBO, Rue RavensteinStraat 4, 1000 Brussels
Registration: Please register here

REVIEW: Joint YOUNG ITA-YAAP Conference – Publication of Arbitral Awards, 20 February 2020
The first ever Young ITA–YAAP Joint Conference was held on 20 February 2020 at the Hotel de France in Vienna. The event was opened by Natasha Tunkel (Knoetzl, Vienna). There were two panels discussing the topic of “Publication of Awards”.
The first panel of Ryan Manton (Three Crowns, Paris) and Katia Rener (Wenger & Vieli, Zürich) discussed the chances and risks of publication of awards and were facilitated by Andreas Schregenberger (GABRIEL Arbitration, Zürich).
The second panel expertly moderated by Tamara Manasijevic (ARP)- who was not shy to dig deeper into the topic - was comprised of a mixture of academics, practitioners and in-house counsel. The latter debated the different perspectives on publication of awards, ie whether it is a promising future standard or an unfortunate transparency hype. Markus P. Beham (University of Passau) covered the academic aspect with an entertaining and insightful talk. From the institutional perspective, Klaudia Dobosz (VIAC, Vienna) gave a detailed account into the culture of publishing awards at the VIAC. Joseph Schwartz (WAGNER Arbitration, Berlin) gave a valuable practitioners perspective while Maria Gritsenko (VEON, Amsterdam) provided an in-house view while also falling back on years of experience as a practitioner.
The event was closed by Christian Koller (YAAP Co-Chair, Innsbruck) followed by an enjoyable networking event afterwards. The event was a great success with the calibre of discussion at a commendable standard.
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