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19 May 2020 16:30 - 18:00
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Faires Verfahren und Online Arbitration

The current lockdown has a strong impact on the established practice of international arbitration: Counsel cannot personally meet their clients, oral hearings can only be conducted through online tools and experts may be prevented from carrying out inspections and investigations.
A panel of distinguished arbitration specialists will explore the challenges posed by online arbitration in regard to the right to be heard and due process. The discussion will be animated by the following discussants:

Katharina Auernig (Higher Regional Court, Vienna)
Daniel Girsberger (University of Lucerne, Wenger Vieli, Lucerne)
Helmut Ortner (Wilmer Hale, London)

Florian Haugeneder (KNOETZL)
Please join us on

Tuesday, 19 May 2020
From 4:30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Participants may join the discussion via the videoconferencing tool or may pose questions using the chat function.
Please note that this event will be held in German. Participants may, however, pose questions or make contributions in the English language.

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  • 19 May 2020 16:30 - 18:00

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Dr. Heiko BüsingDr. Heiko Büsing (1)
Samuel MimnaghSamuel Mimnagh (1)
Rainer LukitsRainer Lukits (1)
Sonja OtenhajmerSonja Otenhajmer (1)
Maria AthanasiouMaria Athanasiou (1)
Lothar HofmannLothar Hofmann (1)
Nicolas ZenzNicolas Zenz (1)
Alice StockerAlice Stocker (1)
Peter KleinPeter Klein (1)
Thomas HAMERLThomas HAMERL (1)
Martin HacklMartin Hackl (1)
Victoria RaneggerVictoria Ranegger (1)
Matthias HoferMatthias Hofer (1)
Dr. Claudio ArturoDr. Claudio Arturo (1)
Nadja Jaisli KullNadja Jaisli Kull (1)
Marijn De RuysscherMarijn De Ruysscher (1)
Mirella JohlerMirella Johler (1)
Desiree PrantlDesiree Prantl (1)
Christian KlauseggerChristian Klausegger (1)
Clarissa NitschClarissa Nitsch (1)
Marko SzucsichMarko Szucsich (1)
Jennifer BryantJennifer Bryant (1)
Alexander ZollnerAlexander Zollner (1)
Artem RodinArtem Rodin (1)
Natascha TunkelNatascha Tunkel (1)
Gustaf MöllerGustaf Möller (1)
Alice AnAlice An (1)
Tim RauschningTim Rauschning (1)
Mag. Kamen SirakovMag. Kamen Sirakov (1)
Johannes P. WillheimJohannes P. Willheim (1)
Markus FellnerMarkus Fellner (1)
Flavio PeterFlavio Peter (1)
Arne FuchsArne Fuchs (1)
Virginia Perez del CastilloVirginia Perez del Castillo (1)
Robert WachterRobert Wachter (1)
Nata GhibradzeNata Ghibradze (1)
Rafal KosRafal Kos (1)
Wulf-Gordian HauserWulf-Gordian Hauser (1)
Eleo SzulcEleo Szulc (1)
Johanna Kathan-SpathJohanna Kathan-Spath (1)
Viktor CserepViktor Cserep (1)
Yahaya Isah AbdulrasheedYahaya Isah Abdulrasheed (1)
Stephan KarallStephan Karall (1)
Klaudia DoboszKlaudia Dobosz (1)
Olivia RobertsOlivia Roberts (1)
Reemal MadlaniReemal Madlani (1)
BIDANDA EmmanuelBIDANDA Emmanuel (1)
Brian OiwohBrian Oiwoh (1)
Katharina RiedlKatharina Riedl (1)
Martin WiebeckeMartin Wiebecke (1)
Patrizia NetalPatrizia Netal (1)
Peace Adeleye Peace Adeleye (1)
Emmanuel KaufmanEmmanuel Kaufman (1)
Victoria PerntVictoria Pernt (1)
Emmanuel KaufmanEmmanuel Kaufman (1)
Tomer GranitTomer Granit (1)
Julia HildebrandtJulia Hildebrandt (1)
Dr. Anton BaierDr. Anton Baier (1)
Johannes RitterJohannes Ritter (1)
Lilia KlochenkoLilia Klochenko (1)
Catrice GayerCatrice Gayer (1)
Michael Komuczky Michael Komuczky (1)
Christian TautschnigChristian Tautschnig (1)
Lisa OettigLisa Oettig (1)
Maithe Lopez SantaellaMaithe Lopez Santaella (1)
Stefan DobrijevicStefan Dobrijevic (1)
Werner JahnelWerner Jahnel (1)
Alice Fremuth-WolfAlice Fremuth-Wolf (1)
Michael KomuczkyMichael Komuczky (1)
Natalia NabytnovaNatalia Nabytnova (1)
Matija SavovićMatija Savović (1)
Claudio ArturoClaudio Arturo (1)
Christoph GramlichChristoph Gramlich (1)
Barbara DeitzerBarbara Deitzer (1)
Peter BehylPeter Behyl (1)
Elisabeth RathElisabeth Rath (1)
Angelika Zotter Angelika Zotter (1)
Katharina PlavecKatharina Plavec (1)
Reinmar WolffReinmar Wolff (1)
BiancaBianca (1)
Michael WalbertMichael Walbert (1)
Mirjana RadovicMirjana Radovic (1)
Dominik KochollDominik Kocholl (1)