Arb|Aut Forum

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07 Jun 2018 18:00 - 21:00
Schottenbastei 7-9
1010 Wien, Austria
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Save the Date for the seventh Arb|Aut Forum organised jointly with the University of Vienna.


Arb|Aut and the University of Vienna organise the Arb|Aut Forum semi-annually. This event allows Arb|Aut and YAAP members to discuss current topics related to Arbitration in Austria with renowned practitioners and scholars in German language.

This topic of the Forum is “Construction Disputes Before Arbitral Tribunals and the State Courts”. The panel discussion will be animated by Dr. Erhard Böhm (baier partners) and Dr Philipp Duncker (Hogan Lovells). There will be time for contributions from and discussion with the participants. The event will be followed by a drinks reception.
Please note that this event will be held in German.

Date: 7 June 2018
Location: Juridicum U13, Schottenbastei 10-16, 1010 Vienna
Time: 6.00 p.m.


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  • 07 Jun 2018 18:00 - 21:00

List of Participants

Alexander ZojerAlexander Zojer (1)
barbara helene steindlbarbara helene steindl (1)
Lisa BeisteinerLisa Beisteiner (1)
Alexandra WinklerAlexandra Winkler (1)
Alexandra WinklerAlexandra Winkler (1)
Peter RiznikPeter Riznik (1)
Anna Katharina RadschekAnna Katharina Radschek (1)
Alice AnAlice An (1)
Martin HacklMartin Hackl (1)
Heidrun HalbartschlagerHeidrun Halbartschlager (1)
Elisabeth TretthahnElisabeth Tretthahn (1)
Sarah Böck Sarah Böck (1)
Iris KobergIris Koberg (1)
Vincent VertnegVincent Vertneg (1)
Claudia SechelClaudia Sechel (1)
Rainer HerzigRainer Herzig (1)
Josef ČernohlávekJosef Černohlávek (1)
Thomas FradThomas Frad (1)
Eugeni MocanuEugeni Mocanu (1)
Alice StockerAlice Stocker (1)
viktor cserepviktor cserep (1)
Iris KobergIris Koberg (1)
Johannes SchröcksnadelJohannes Schröcksnadel (1)
Dr. Georg AdlerDr. Georg Adler (1)
Mag. Markus P. FellnerMag. Markus P. Fellner (1)
Mag. Elisabeth GehringerMag. Elisabeth Gehringer (1)
Dipl.-Ing. Marcus TheilDipl.-Ing. Marcus Theil (1)
Alexander LindnerAlexander Lindner (1)
Mariella KapounMariella Kapoun (1)
Pavel LackoPavel Lacko (1)
Klaudia DoboszKlaudia Dobosz (1)
Prof.Dr.Dr.Dr. Kindel DieterProf.Dr.Dr.Dr. Kindel Dieter (1)
Emmanuel KaufmanEmmanuel Kaufman (1)
Peter RiznikPeter Riznik (1)
Markus SchifferlMarkus Schifferl (1)
barbara helene steindlbarbara helene steindl (1)
Miranda MakoMiranda Mako (1)
Thomas HamerlThomas Hamerl (1)
Dr Carsten KernDr Carsten Kern (1)
Tamara ManasijevicTamara Manasijevic (1)
Philip ExenbergerPhilip Exenberger (1)
Barbara SesserBarbara Sesser (1)
Bernhard WycheraBernhard Wychera (1)
Alexander GamzunovAlexander Gamzunov (1)
DDr. Melis WernerDDr. Melis Werner (1)
Nicolas ZenzNicolas Zenz (1)
Christian KlauseggerChristian Klausegger (1)
Gunnar PicklGunnar Pickl (1)