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Canada Quality Experts
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Construction / Engineering, Environment Law, Intellectual Property, Investment Dispute, Power / Energy
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357620 Dubai
United Arab Emirates
English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic
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Bar Admission

International Bar Association. FCIARB 


 PHD Contracts ADR Clauses construction & Energy 

 LLM in Dispute Resolution Kings College

Master of Busines Admin  , Master of Information Systems  ,

BSCE Civil Engineering





1.Contracts Clauses Saving Time and costs.

2.When ADR & Arbitration becomes successful?

Professional Associations

I- Profile: Over 35 years of success as a Civil Engineer Active Participant in international conferences in Arbitrations, Real Estate & Infrastructure Engineer Experts. Airport Engineer Expert with www.icao.int since 2003 & www.diac.ae since 2005 , accomplished over 1500+ cases with Dubai and UAE Courts  & Arbitration Centers since 2006 and active member Arbitrator & Expert with DIAC, associate member listed Arbitrator with CIArb, HKIAC, ICC-  , ICCA, ASA Geneva, VIAC  Vienna, ICRAA, & DIFC in addition to Fellowship Arbitrators of South Africa , familiar with Civil, Common & Sharia laws Jurisdictions (in English or Arabic). 

A]     Current ( past 15 years):

1.      Arbitrator Mediator , Adjudicator & Technical Expert with Ministry of Justice/DIAC,ICC since 2006

2.      Founder of AlMarsat projects -Dubai -UAE& Canada Quality Experts-Ontario-Canada since 2005.

3.      Airports Consultant with International Civil Aviation Organization -Montreal -Canada since 2001.

B]     Previous( 20 years):

1.      Senior Director of Dubai land Contracts / Engineering Projects in Africa–Middle Est 2008-2012.

2.      Quality & Contracts manager for Airports, Ports, Roads, power stations, Hotels projects 1989-2007.

Preventing litigations & reaching on amicable settlements and Contracts compliance endorsements.

Obtaining overdue 60Million payments from clients during Real Estate financial crisis 2008-2011.

3- Contracts, Quality Manager & project manager over 24 years for Landmark construction projects (1984-2008) 

 From 1984-1989 with J&P http://www.jandp-group.com & from 89-08 with www.dutco.com/construction/balfour.aspx 

IV- Qualifications

1- Educational:   MIS                MBA                 Civil Engineering

MBA Degree with Distinction (Dean List), CITY UNIVERSITY - USA, (1998-2001) 

MIS Degree (GPA 3.97/4) Dean List , Washington – USA (2000)

Bachelor Degree of Science in Civil Engineering (Airport Design), N.H – USA (1985).


2- Professional:                CIPS            CQE            ICAO            DUBAI COURTS            MOJ

  Real estate  international expert ( CIPS ) and real estate evaluation ( MENARES )

  Founder of The International Experts Network in engineering consults (CQE) in Canada.

  Engineer Expert in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Montreal, Canada.

  Registered as an Arbitrator and Engineering Expert in the following international and regional centers:

- Dubai Courts and Ministry of Justice.

- Centers of conciliation and commercial arbitration in Dubai, RK and Sharjah.

- Islamic Center of Conciliation and International Arbitration.

- International Arbitration Centers in Paris, Hong Kong, South Africa, Japan and British CIArb.


  Registered member in the followings:

- American Engineers Society & Canadian Engineers Club.

- Emirates Engineers Society.

- Dubai Quality Group & Emirates Environment Society.

3- Other Certifications, Skills and Membership

Certified International Property Specialist CIPS Expert & Real Estate Valuation Certified MENARES.

Member of International Commercial Arbitrations ICCA. 

Languages Skills: Fluent in Arabic, English, French, and fair knowledge in Spanish &German.

Computer Skills: Internet, & IT strategic solutions on Integrated Management Systems. 

International Civil Aviation Organization www.icao.int  Expert Consultant on Missions 2001-2015.


Memberships; Member of Engineering, International Arbitration ICCA, DIAC, Strategic Consultants, EHSQ Elite, International Airports, UNDP, UNEP, Executive Suits, Quality Experts, & Scuba Divers Networks.

V- Evidences of Exceptional Academic Achievements 

Harvard University  Model U. N, (College Ambassador www.harvardmun.org), Boston, M.A - USA (1985)

City University Dean’s list with 98% GPA in postgraduate studies on IMS & M.L MBA programs.

 VI- Publications in Professional Associations & Magazines

FIDIC (1999) & UAE Law (Jun 2004) copy right translation and assemble on Dubai Int. Arbitration center.

1.  Fellow (FCIArb): Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, U.K in addition to AMINZ Fellow Arbitrator Mediator Institute New Zealand as well HKIAC Emergency Arbitrator Hong Kong +Intellectual Property panels.

2.Fellow (FSIARB) Singapore Institute of Arbitrators & Fellow(FMIARB)Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators.

3.  Certified Judicial Legal Expert Diploma [Arbitrator /Technical Expert] Dubai Judicial Institute /UAE.

Published articles :

*   When ADR & Arbitration in Islam and Middle East becomes successfull ?


*   Success of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)


*   Success of ADR requiers Technical Knowledge


*   ADR& Arbitration in Middle East, a Story to share



Other Interests:  Scuba Diving & Swimming, Adv. Video Director, Languages & Travels.

Other Qualifications

1. American Society of Civil. Engineers (ASCE). 3. Project Management Institute (PMI) Member U.S.A

2.International Chamber of Commerce ICC(ADR committees /workgroup/ Task forces since 2016) .

3.Society of Engineers -in the United Arab Emirates( member since 1987) .

4. International Bar Association (Construction , Maritime , Oil & Gas work Group) Asia, Africa & Europe.

5. Senior Mediator on construction, Energy, Real Estate , Intellectual Property.  (mediate.com)

6. Registered Professional Engineering Expert & Arbitrator at United Arab Emirates Ministry of Justice.

7. Certified Opinion Engineer at Dubai Municipality -Dubai ( U.A.E)

Natural Resources for Sustainable Development (Oil Gas & Mining) SDG AcademyX(U. Columbia)

6.      Certified Project management Development by International Development Bank (in Latin America) 

7.      Coastal Engineering Tsunamis-Storm by Waseda Univ Civil & Environmental Eng Dept.Tokyo- Japan.

8.      Innovative Governance of Large Urban Systems by Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne.

9.      Global Environmental Management -Urban,Environment- by Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

10.   Artificial Intelligence -Machine Learning for All by University of London-UK .

 1.2019    Doctor (Ph.D.) – Construction & Energy Law contracts, On-line NY- U.S.A.

    Certified International Arbitrator by Grotius for International Legal Studies - The Hague -PCANL.  

    CEDAR Mediator from School of Law International University of Business& Economy in Beijing-China , Harvard University Contract Law ( Trust-to Promise- to Contract) Harvard UX– USA , Intellectual Property Law & Policy School of Law -University of Pennsylvania-USA . International Water Law (Dual French-English) by Universite De Genève -Switzerland. European Business Law-Competing in Europe from Lund University -Sweden. International Law in Action- the Arbitration of International Disputes by Leiden University-NL.Challenging Forensic Science-How Science Should Speak to Court - Université de Lausanne.

1.      2018-Master of Laws (L.L.M.) – University of Aberdeen ,Kings College UK.

2.      2001-Master of Information Management Systems -City University ,Washington , U.S.A

3.      1985- Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering – New England College , N.H , U.S.A

4.       Micro-Master Energy Principles & Renewable Energy from University of Queensland -Australia.