YAAP Arbitration Walks & Talks

08 Oct 2020 12:00
YAAP Arbitration Walks & Talks: “Virtual Hearings - Potential and limitations. Fresh perspectives after some months of trial and the second wave at the door step”

In a small group we will walk the Vienna Stadtpark and exchange views, experience and war stories. We will stay outside and keep a distance of 1.5m, aka the distance of a baby elephant, at all times. Whilst this will not be an outright hike, we will get some fresh air, some fresh perspectives and some (tiny bit of) exercise. Whoever wants to bring a sandwich-to-go, feel free.
Date: Thursday, 8 October 2020
Time & Place: 12:00 CEST at Vienna Stadpark in front of Johann Strauss Statue
Bad weather alternative: Bring your raincoat. We will be walking unless it is pouring.


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  • 08 Oct 2020 12:00